Milleniums on the Air

This exhibition synthesizes the seventeen years of Chico Mazzoni´s professional career (more than thirty sketching and painting). Continuing in the search of light (and fortunately finding it) through the fogs, hazes and transparencies, a less explicit light which is merely insinuated with sensuality through translucid ramparts. It is the precursor of Chico Mazzoni in this his 12th individual exhibit (38ª exhibit joining individual and collective exhibits).

In this exhibit, Chico makes an even more contained use of the components of his painting, giving privilege to the wealth of “smokeatures” and transparencies, intensifying the game between the hiding and revealing of images.

Various techniques at his disposal mix – though he basically works with acrylic paint, Chico draws from all of his techniques which demonstrate appropriateness to translate this intention into painting.

They are works linked by a string which is easily discovered by following the footprints, however subtle, however explicit in Chico´s painting. Contrary to the previous exhibits, here Chico concentrates on a defined thematic line which is the representation of myth in varied interpretations. The myth present in this exhibit is global and contemplates all human cultures in the search of its meaning and its contemporary utility.

It´s like an exhibit that closes a cycle and treats human mythology in all its temporality (from archaic to contemporaneous) resolving to call itself “MILLENIUMS ON THE AIR”: an exhibit which treats the things that remain and help man in the search of meaning on this planet.

Like art.

Matilde Matos • ABCA/AICA